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  • Pokémon Players Disappointed with Technical Problems Pokémon Players Disappointed with Technical Problems Devoted fans of the Pokémon universe were shocked to witness Scarlet and Violet’s problems. They began to spread their frustration online among the international community. It seems like the new series may have its own issues. The Pokémon Scarlet and Violet series are considered to be one of the brightest and possibly most ambitious games made by the company for a long time. While fans could not wait to play it, there are too many problems that appear in front of them that can’t be ignored. The overall performance is lower than it was expected and trainers from different countries feel...
    • Nov 23, 2022
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  • Half of the Apps Share Data Users Provide Half of the Apps Share Data Users Provide The current data from Google Play Store says that more than 55 percent of apps share users’ info. Developers of the apps are aware of the situation and agree to provide the data to other companies. While during recent years more and more app developers began to underline that they value users’ privacy, the situation has not changed much. The brief investigation was made by the data removal company Incogni. The company searched Google Play Store and received information in the data section. It looks like half of the apps on the store are sharing private data with others. And the...
    • Nov 21, 2022
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