Epic Journey Awaits: Top 5 Alternatives to "Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty"

  • Samanta Blumberg
  • Aug 27, 2023
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Epic Journey Awaits: Top 5 Alternatives to "Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty"

For fans of "Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty," the thirst for similar games that offer thrilling adventures, strategic battles, and immersive stories can be poignant. If you have thoroughly enjoyed the journey through ancient China and are looking for games crafted with equal sophistication and engaging gameplay, you're in luck. We've found five alternatives that will satiate your cravings. Here are the top five games that mirror the stunning visuals, challenging gameplay, and compelling narratives exemplified in "Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty."

1. Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed

Dynasty Warriors Unleashed game

A name that is well-known for fans of the "Three Kingdoms" genre, Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed is a bold adaptation of a long-established console series brought to life on mobile devices.


Unleashed uses the classic hack-and-slash game mechanics found in the parent series, letting players mow down hordes of enemies with powerful abilities and attacks. With 48 iconic characters from the series to collect, each with unique abilities and weapons, the game ensures variety and depth in its gameplay.

Story and Setting

The game follows the dramatic events and conflicts within the late Han dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period. With each character having a unique storyline, the game covers a broad spectrum of the epoch, providing an appealing narrative to complement the action-packed gameplay.

2. Onmyoji

Onmyoji game

Onmyoji is a game that intertwines tactical battles with a compelling story. Set in a world where humans and spirits coexist, it is a gem for those who enjoy mythological narratives.


Onmyoji offers a unique mixture of RPG mechanics and strategy card games. Players summon and improve shikigami, spirit entities, to fight in turn-based battles. With over 80 shikigami to collect and enhance, the game provides strategic depth and immense replayability.

Story and Setting

Set in the Heian era of Japan, players take on the role of a powerful onmyoji dealing with an influx of troubled spirits. The game's story is filled with Japanese folklore, appealing to players who enjoy mythological narratives.

3. King of Avalon: Dragon War

King of Avalon Dragon War game

King of Avalon: Dragon War is a strategy MMO set in a fantastical vision of the Arthurian legend. The aim of the game is to become the true king of Avalon by building a mighty city, raising a dragon, and leading a powerful army.


In this game, players mainly focus on building and improving their city, raising a dragon, and training an army to fight in strategic battles. With PvP and PvE modes, players can choose how they want to wage their wars. They can also forge alliances with other players for cooperative gameplay.

Story and Setting

The demise of King Arthur left his kingdom in chaos. As a city lord, your mission is to become the new king of Avalon. Through victories in dragon wars, strategic planning, and alliance warfare, you can climb the ladder to the throne.

4. Legacy of Discord: Furious Wings

Legacy of Discord Furious Wings game

Legacy of Discord: Furious Wings is an action-packed RPG known for its stunning graphics and real-time combat.


The gameplay revolves around real-time combat, letting players engage in breathtaking fights full of flashy skills and astonishing visual effects. Various game modes such as PvP battles, boss challenges, and story quests ensure that players always have something exciting to do.

Story and Setting

As a Guardian, you have to fight against the forces of evil that threaten your world. You'll be able to customize your character with unique skills, armors, and weapons, which adds a layer of depth to the game.

5. Art of Conquest

Art of Conquest game

Art of Conquest is a unique mix of RPG and strategy gameplay. Players embark on an adventurous journey across a fantastical world filled with mythical creatures and epic battles against powerful foes.


The game combines base-building, real-time strategy, and role-playing game mechanics. Players build and improve their city, gather resources, and raise an army to fight in epic RTS battles.

Story and Setting

Set in the immersive world of Nore, players choose one of the several races including human, dwarf, lich, and start their conquest for dominance in this fantasy world. The game is known for its beautifully drawn and varied map.

Each of these games offers mesmerizing narratives, thrilling gameplay, and captivating settings, promising to give "Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty" fans another epic journey to embark on.

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