Exploring the "Postal" Series: A Journey through Outrage and Satire

  • Greg Burn
  • Sep 10, 2023
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Exploring the "Postal" Series: A Journey through Outrage and Satire

The Origin of the "Postal" Series

The "Postal" series, a notable name in the world of gaming, kicked off in 1997. Developed by Running With Scissors, the game collection took a bold, unconventional approach to conventional gaming. The first game was a controversial release due to its mature themes and dark humor, and it established a blueprint for the series' unique identity. Its provocative nature led to country-wide bans in multiple regions; however, it also gained a cult following that propelled the series forward.

The Maiden Voyage: Postal

Postal game

The debutante of the series, "Postal," arrived onto the scene promising to unsettle the gaming industry. Propelled by an isometric shoot 'em up style, the first "Postal" game introduced players to a world plagued by societal collapse. The protagonist's mission: to fight through disorderly mobs to bring a semblance of order.

Return to Disorder: Postal 2

Postal 2 game

In 2003, "Postal 2", the second entry in the series, introduced a first-person gaming experience. It expanded upon its divisive reputation with a more open-world approach, handing players a universe filled with outrageous events. The objective remained intact - battle through lawless crowds.

Traversing an Apocalypse: Postal 3

Postal 3 game

The third iteration, "Postal 3," released in 2011, retained the series’ staple elements, including the dystopian setting and dark humor. However, players were not given the extensive freedom of the second game. Instead, a linear gameplay path was charted through a post-apocalyptic world.

Return-to-Roots: Postal 4: No Regerts

Postal 4 game

"Postal 4: No Regerts" unveiled in 2019, marked a return to the open-world style beloved in "Postal 2". With the inclusion of added tasks and missions, it retained the expected hallmark chaos and subversive humour. It also brought players back to a first-person perspective, a return much appreciated by the faithful fan base.

The Future of the "Postal" Series

Postal game art

The "Postal" series has proven its endurance, being around for almost a quarter of a century. Its upcoming release, "Postal: Brain Damaged," promises to be an exciting one-off, arcade-style shooter entry. With this and rumored potential sequels, the series provides an intriguing case for the longevity of controversial games.


The tumultuous journey of the "Postal" series defies gaming norms, offering a unique, controversial, and darkly humorous experience. The exploration of societal collapse in a dystopian setting coupled with outrageous, freeform gameplay makes the "Postal" series a hallmark in gaming culture. Looking forward, the constant evolution and expansion of the series hold the promise of maintaining its provocative charm in the gaming industry.

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